Welcome To Iris Herbals

Most herbal products and formulations available today lack potency, quality, and ethical sourcing. We have recognized that our clients and audience need higher quality, more intentionally crafted formulations than what is currently offered on the market.

We believe that herbal medicine is interwoven with our true health as humans in harmony with the Earth. Our formulas are intentionally blended with the highest quality organic herbs in a small-scale, fully certified herbal pharmacy.

Our founders, Tori Vargas and Hayley Porter, with their extensive education and training in iridology, naturopathy and herbalism, are committed to bringing you the medicines of our planet with zero-waste as a mission.

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5% of our profits are donated directly to a native Amazonian Rainforest Preservation Project. Thank you so much for your purchase, you are supporting our future here on Earth.

About Tori Vargas

Detox Practitioner, Iridologist, Health Counselor and Forever Student

Tori has spent the last 8 years studying the human body and the conditions that manifest as a result of poor health. Initially, she started studying traditional western medicine preparing to go to medical school but quickly realized that this system didn't bring true healing for people suffering.

In 2019, she experienced an adverse reaction from a pharmaceutical drug that got her swept up into the healthcare system receiving treatment via chemotherapy, blood transfusions, steroids and surgery.

Tori's healing journey has been focused on detoxification after so many extreme medical interventions. She healed herself of many chronic symptoms like acne, polycystic ovaries, hair loss, low platelets, amenorrhea, fungal imbalances, migraines, constipation, excessive thinness, and other pharmaceutical injuries.

This has led her to a path of detoxification and regeneration of the body.

Tori has found a deep purpose in healing herself using only natural methods and helping others find their own healing using the power of Earth's medicine. She hosts group detoxification programs for her online community (The Healing Blueprint) that empowers people to take their health into their own hands and develop autonomy from the western medical system.

Tori was born and raised in central Massachusetts, but has found herself soaking up the sun in Florida for two years now. She loves comedy shows, live music and dancing. She loves connection and is outgoing by nature yet requires deep solitude at times (in the field of iridology, this duality of personality is represented by the radii solaris seen in her iris).

About Hayley Porter

Natural Physician, Master Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Healing Diets Counselor, Professional Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Mother and Founder of the School of Natural Health and Iridology 

Hayley has been in the field of health and wellness from a young age. She began as a Professional Massage Therapist and then studied for 7 years to become a Natural Physician, Master Iridologist, Master Herbalist and Healing Diets Counselor. 

She healed herself of many many chronic health imbalances including early stages of leukemia, anemia, painful menstruation, constipation, vaginal imbalances, chronic strep throat and ear infections, vaccine and antibiotic injuries, deep seated anger, keratosis, acne, congested liver and so much more. 

She is deeply passionate about utilizing natural medicine to support, assist and enlighten all humans for the benefit of humanity, the plants, animals and the Earth.

Hayley founded the School of Natural Health and Iridology where she holds her Holistic Health & Detoxification Certification Course and her Iridology Certification Course. Both courses can be taken for education or if desired, to become a certified practitioner in these two fields! 

The wonderful and budding School community holds bi-monthly live calls and other educational workshops.

She loves living foods and local, fresh plant foods! A true foodie. She also loves to sing, garden, wild-harvest herbs and uses only natural products and clothing. Her world revolves around natural living and authentic spirituality. Hayley was born and raised in Colorado, where she resides currently in the high Rocky Mountains, with her 5 year old son and two kitty cats. Hayley also homeschools and focuses on providing healing, nourishing foods for her son and two kitties.  

The Women Behind Iris Herbals

Our Process

Iris Herbals is manufactured at Earth Pharmaceuticals, a small-scale certified herbal pharmacy in Aurora, Colorado. All of our herbal products are formulated, packaged, and sealed following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

All herbal goods are picked up and shipped out directly from her home in the mountains.

The Herbal Pharmacy

Everything in this herbal pharmacy is toxin-free, from the natural milk-painted walls to the BPA-free bags and storage containers. All machinery is stainless steel and cleaned with natural grain alcohol, not isopropyl alcohol (which is man-made and cannot be taken internally).

All of our herbs are organically sourced or grown right on the Earth Pharmaceuticals' property. We do not use any rototill practices, instead we use a layering effect to reduce the carbon footprint for growing herbs.

During the creation process, intention, prayer and reiki energy are key ingredients in our herbal formulations. Good vibes only ☼

Dr. Heidi Jarvis, DNM

We have the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Heidi Jarvis to collaborate on formulations and package our blends.

She has over 20 years of experience in natural medicine and holds a PhD in Natural Medicine, Naturopathy Diploma, Master Herbalist (MH), Master Iridologist (MIr), Clinical Aromatherapist (CA), Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Teacher.

In 2011, Hayley visited Heidi's home pharmacy and apothecary for the first time during an herbal medicine training immersion. Heidi was one of Hayley’s original Herbal Medicine teachers and is the source of where she learned to infuse herbal creams, blend herbal teas and create herbal formulations. 

They formed an immediate teacher-student relationship and have maintained a friendship ever since. Hayley has been working directly with Heidi to source herbal powder and capsule formulations for her own students and clients.

As Tori and Hayley started to work together with clients, they realized the need for more ecological, economical, and aligned herbal formulas.

They had the idea to craft their own formulations and decided to work with Heidi and utilize her very pristine, certified herbal pharmacy and apothecary for the production of Iris Herbals.

Healing Our Earth

5% of all profits from Iris Herbals is being donated directly to the IMAGO Foundation, a global ministry dedicated to sharing a ceremonial way of life, transforming us as humans and the world around us.

In addition to being a spiritual resource, they are dedicated to making a tangible impact, translating prayers into action. Their specific focus is on conserving land and culture.

IMAGO Foundation

In partnership with indigenous communities and global initiatives, the IMAGO Foundation is dedicated to healing our planet. They achieve this through projects focused on environmental restoration, biodiversity conservation, and promoting sustainable practices.

IMAGO is committed to protecting centuries-old traditions, cultures, and ecological knowledge that are at risk in today's fast-paced world. Through partnerships with ancestral communities, the IMAGO Foundation works to ensure the preservation of their unique heritage.

By regenerating the ecology of the individual, the collective, and the environment, we strive to create a balanced and thriving coexistence between humanity and nature.