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Castor Oil Pack + Organic Castor Oil

Castor Oil Pack + Organic Castor Oil

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This pack includes one medium size OR one large size castor oil pack PLUS a 4 oz. size glass bottle of organic, virgin cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil.

Sizing: For the average adult, choose the medium size. For larger bodies, 230+ pounds, please choose the large size.

About Our Castor Oil Pack:

Castor Oil is sacred. It is the only oil that absorbs through the skin and penetrates deep into all of the tissues, organs, glands, muscles and bones. It flushes out anything that isn’t meant to be in the body, in the area that you apply the oil. The flushing action occurs through the lymphatic system and then the wastes are eliminated via the bowels. Castor oil packs pair very well with bowel cleansing therapies like enemas or professional colonics.

Castor oil can be applied anywhere on the body! The colon, liver, bladder, thyroid, womb, breasts, hair, as a moisturizer for the skin and more.

Our packs are handmade by our beloved herbalist and her mother in our certified herbal pharmacy in Colorado. You can feel the quality craft-womanship in the design. The castor oil packs are made of 100% organic muslin cloth and 100% wool. The packs are very simple and very easy to use and care for. Simply apply the oil, wrap the fabric around the body and secure with the strings.

How To Use:

Prepare the area where you will be. Choose to lie or sit down on a couch, bed, chair or floor. 

We recommend having 1 large towel to protect any fabrics from coming in contact with the castor oil. This towel will be designated as your “castor oil pack towel”.

Lay out your towel and your castor oil pack fabrics. 

Squeeze a good amount of our organic castor oil onto your belly (from under the breast/chest area down to your pubic bone and to the side of the body). Massage the oil in enough that it begins to absorb into your skin. We recommend a good thick layer. Use only a few fingers or one hand to massage it in and rub the remaining oil into your hands, forearms, neck or lips.

Now wrap the muslin cloth around your abdomen, followed by the wool layer. Secure the pack by wrapping and tucking the strings of the wool pack around. Your wrap is now in place. 

Use a hot water bottle or heat pack to warm the oil and aid in absorption. Place the heat source on top of the pack and then wrap your towel of protection around the heat source. This towel also helps to keep the warmth in. You are all set! 

Keep the pack on for one hour minimum. 

You may even sleep with it on if you'd like! Or simply relax seated or laying down. The strings allow for the pack to stay on if you need to get up for any reason. 

Maintenance of Your Castor Oil Pack:

Do not wash the pack - simply hang out in the sun to dry and clean then keep it stored on top of your designated towel.

Replace the pack with a new one, every 6 months.

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