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Heal All Salve

Heal All Salve

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This salve (cream), truly does "heal all"! Soothing, mending, cleaning and promotes healing for all skin complaints.

Using ancient methods, these herbs are slowly infused into the oil for many weeks, with minimal heat to allow for potent permeation of their medicinal  properties.

All Organic ingredients: Calendula Flower, Plantain Leaf, Comfrey Leaf and pure therapeutic-grade Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils slowly infused into olive oil and beeswax

Use for bites, burns, stings, open wounds, rashes, dryness and more. Use on dry lips, hands and feet as well!

We recommend having a jar in your bedroom, next to your kitchen sink and your car! Out with the chemical lotions and in with the herbal salves!

Our reusable glass jars are eco-friendly as well!

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