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Pain Relief Salve

Pain Relief Salve

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Using ancient methods, these herbs are slowly infused into the oil for many weeks, with minimal heat to allow for potent permeation of their medicinal properties.

There are many people that swear this salve is the only thing that helps them to walk, giving them relief from whatever ails them. The love and prayer that goes into these is pure and intentional.

This is used by individuals both with chronic pain and recent injuries. Massage Therapists and Chiropractors use this in their offices and on clients. Many women use this on their lower bellies to relieving cramping during menstruation.

It aims to provide instant relief and promotes mending of the bones, muscles and connective tissues while improving blood flow and circulation!

This is truly a powerful medicine!

All Organic ingredients: Comfrey Leaf, White Willow bark, Arnica Oil and therapeutic-grade Peppermint essential oil

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Customer Reviews

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Pain Relief Salve - the most wonderous!

This is one of the only salves that relives my nerve pain and I really cannot live without it! Thank you for creating this wonderful product. I’ve tried countless salves in the past.